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You read the manual? :-)

Wot manual? :-) :-)

(Oh, that book I threw out. Anything useful in it?)

Congratulations on your new computer!!!

Actually, the Apple store people get a little confused when you just want to buy something. No conversation: just gimme the goods, sort of a thing. It's not quite what they're used to!

The only less-than-salubrious experience I've had in an Apple store was when I was purchasing an Airport. The guy confused my requirements and recommended the direct opposite of what I needed. He did commiserate with me about the cost of CAD software, though. And I did end up with the Airport device(s) I needed.

On the other hand, when I purchased a Dell (about 1998, I think), the machine was obsolete out of the box. And when it went wrong - no standard parts worked. It was the last time I purchased a Dell; I never will, either. (Their sales effort was excellent. The customer service when I needed help... Let's just say that I vowed never to darken the doorstep (virtual or otherwise) of that store again. I cross the street when I see a Dell advert coming.)

Always remember the geeks adage:
If in doubt, hit it again
If it still doesn't work, hit it again
If it's still not cooperating: find the manual. Hit it again.
And if that fails: read the manual. It might say where the on-off switch is...

Sorry... :-)
Carolyn Ann

PS I'm feeling cheerful, despite the Red Sox victory.

I agree with you. The apple store kop is amazing. thanks for sharing!

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