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Well, I can only hope we're not hastening the pace that books are forgotten. William is right; even if you don't mark up or dog ear the pages.

There is something more personal about paper when it comes to books. It's hard to image a world without them. Frankly, I wouldn't want to.


I still don't see where I underline, circle, and box key information with my fountain pen..

Where do I scribble quick notes of sudden grander comprehension which will later serve as reminders of a different time and place when I "re-discover" the book on my shelf years later?

"A coffee stain on a book page will always have more meaning than a coffee stain on a keyboard." - William Tully.ca

We are book lovers, aren't we?

@Uwe -- If I go back further I can remember promises that did not materialize from way back. A book is a souvenir, Seth said it best.

@Matt -- it's not only a matter of looks, it's also about usability. The whole design is poor. What about audio? Many people I know prefer to listen to the book for various reasons -- maybe they have poor sight, or maybe they don't have time to sit down with a book but do to listen to it.

@Carolyn Ann -- I can remember all the books I've read when I used to take my weekly home SPA treatment. Nice oils and scents, a hot tub, music in the very background, and a good book. And I do like to put pen to paper, to make annotations in my own hand writing in the margins. With a pencil, mind you. As Matt said above here, if we're reinventing reading, why make the darn thing look half book/half keyboard when clearly it isn't either?

@Cam -- right on. Why not engage the author or an actor as they already do to offer special editions, etc. Why stop at so little innovation?

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