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Thank you so much for putting such thought into your advice. Yes, we realize that to generate word of mouth, we need to leap off the 'sphere and make some businesses look good among their peers.

We do have a monthly host, you're talking (in a manner of writing -- coining new expressions) to the one for November. I am a subscriber of the Business Journal, although they often feature success stories, I bet I can find a company... wait a moment, I just got an idea. I help a lot of early stage companies connect with resources locally. Why didn't I think of that before?

Ok, I realize I've been talking to myself here, with your help, of course ;-)

It appears that the first two requiements -

# meet real-world needs
# create engagement with a growing number of contributors/audiences

are inter-related. If you obtain more real-world scenarios versus case studies you may get additional people wanting to display their capabilities.

The crux is that the contributors are typically out scouring for these same scenarios in order to generate leads for their own livelihood.

Is there a monthly host for the activity? If so; they could focus on a specific city and try to find a prospect. This could be from contacting the local paper/business columnist; checking Craigslist/Monster for Marketing positions (or posting to Craigslist?); or just casual observation.

This approach would start to plant seeds beyond the blog-oriented world - in the paper; Craigslist devotees; the business (and their suppliers/customers). You may even be able to coordinate an article about each project; or the business could display a small poster about the different scenarios. This may lead to additional cases or business for the contributors.

To generate real word of mouth the audience has to go beyond the blogosphere.

This is the month of great writers in the comments. Welcome to the conversation, Alfonso. The moniker is confusing, that's valuable feedback -- too charged with set connotations in people's minds. As you suggest, the two ideas are:

- steering and
- pro-bono steering

And there is an additional layer on top of it, which is collaboration among professionals otherwise engaged in different companies.

Perhaps the other confusing part of this project for people to grasp is that we're both promoting the effort to
actually steer the word-of-mouth, or conversational marketing *and* its activity.

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