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I have been a fan of Amanpour's since the first time I heard her very distinctive voice. Her integrity has shone through from the first time I saw her reporting many years ago until now.

I agree that we have to remain objective- less self-congratulatory navel gazing- as writers/ bloggers and yet remain passionate. Passion is the key; a passion for truth, a passion for the topic matter, or a passion for the conversation. Passion for something... period.

I hope that Amanpour sticks with it for years to come- her voice and her reporting are music to my ears (and soul).

I had to read it a couple of times, this is profound. Thank you.

Another journalist I met and respect very much, John Timpane here in Philadelphia (he's a former English teacher and a Shakesperian, probably why I like him so much) explained to me that skepticism means asking reality to explain itself, interrogating it. To this day, that was the best description I have of the different you draw on listening to the subject matter with disinterest.

Hi Valeria,

"Silence is acceptance." Right? Apathy is no excuse if you have a passion for something. This means as writers, bloggers, those in new/old media, have a challenge to keep passionate on what makes us take up the job, while remaining disinterested in the opinions of our subject matter.

Yes, disinterested. This is not the same as uninterested. The 'disinterested' approach is similar to what Ms. Amanpour astutely says, "It means giving each side a hearing."

The art in the view is to be emotional about the work (journalism), yet unemotional about the subject matter. This gives the best opportunity to uncover a real view of the stories, the truth v. the spin.

This is challenging as a writer and differs from reporting.

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