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@Lynne -- there are also some parallels on the commoditification side. For example, blogs that scrape posts from other blogs to get traffic and sell ads.

@Vaspers -- That is one way. Or we could choose to do the other kind, that for the whole community to create a sense of possibility and opportunity. This was a fascinating topic for me to approach. I especially liked the example in the FP article where Burton goes from English teacher to guide on all things hip-hop in China.

I don't know.

I could probably do some hip hop music that would be controlled, censored, or banned, due to critique of gangsta rap lifestyle and "pimp and ho" degradation of women.

This is a great post Valeria. When I was a youngster, overall I thought of hip-hop as a culture, primarily an arts culture. But as time progressed and every aspect of the culture became commoditized -- even more than just commercial -- I realized that hip-hop in all of its manifestations was a business. So these things that Mario mentions -- (glorification of ego, denigration of women, drugs, violence) -- are essentially what made it commodity.

On another note, we recently had graffiti pieces painted in our offices. Some people liked it a lot,others are really not digging it.

I do want to take some time to think about your post a bit more and come back with some thoughts about hip-hop's relationship to social media.

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