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@Chris -- this right here is a metric, the degree of engagement people have with content thanks to a tool. Most blogs have a much richer and deeper click through ratio than corporate sites that have been around a long time. I've measured both ;-) Thank you for asking the question and inspiring.

@Joanna -- your approach has been mine. Watching, observing, seeing myself in the environment, then diving in. I realize I've taken you and other readers for granted with regards to Twitter. Because of the fleeting nature of the tool, with several dozen messages being posted in a day, I linked to Chris' identity vs. the specific request. it was simply "Teach us about using other methods for driving more audience, omitting 'write good stuff' as a hint." As I wrote in my note to you, being a linguist sometimes I cannot resist a pun. Thank you for stopping in and taking the time to comment. You are welcome at any time!

Valeria, thanks for this piece, I enjoyed it (and your blogherald article that I read earlier in the day). I am back trying twitter again myself and am aware of that feeling of apprehension - where on earth do you start? Listening would be a good place :-)

Only one small point - it took me a while to fathom your reference to Chris's suggestion at the end - it might have helped non-twitterers (tweeters?) to type it out in full, or maybe show it with a screen capture so people could see, quickly, what you mean, without needing to wade through Chris's multiple tweets? Otherwise it seems a bit like an 'in' reference - which I doubt you intended.

Plus I got thrown by the ref to "not talk about content as a driver" when I was still picturing you (the driver) sitting in your wee car waiting to jump into the Italian roundabout! But maybe I shouldn't be reading blogs so late at night :-)

All best wishes


This is great. Listening is definitely part of the story. Finding tools to make sure folks are listening is a good thing. I'm enjoying the hell out of using great tools to find things like this blog post. Not only am I subscribed to you, but my ego surf finds your mention of me.

That's the way it should be.

Love your blog, superstar. Thank you!

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