Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Is it Time for Corporations to Get a Twitter Presence?

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Thank you so much for joining this conversation. I've seen your blog around and will be adding it to my reading list.

Yes, Twitter is perfect for letting us digress, progress, and ingress conversations as we see fit, much better than blogs. Yet, it is also a repository of information that when viewed broadly can uncover patterns for the pattern seer in us.

Steven is cool, I know ;-)

I'm a bit late in joining this conversation, but, then again, I've just started reading your excellent blog.

In the days BT (Before Twitter), I would practically live my life on my blog. Even though it was designed to focus on a given set of topics, invariably I'd interrupt with anecdotal stuff that had no bearing on the core content. Then, along came Twitter.

Twitter gives me a place where all that miscellany can live and in a concise form. Between it and my Facebook page, my blog is relieved of any burden to carry content that's not pertinent to the topic at hand.

I see this as part of an evolutionary process. Use to be that many business bloggers (think Robert Scoble for example) lived there life online vicariously via their blog.

In my view, blogging's purpose has morphed. Now, it's all about providing real value in terms of quality content. You're seeing more and more thoughtful, in-depth posts, and less in the way of spur of the moment quick hits.

As to the Twitter "What are you doing?" issue, I think most people pay little attention to that question. We're making Twitter conform to our needs, rather than adapting to what it was ostensibly designed to be -- a "presence" app.

Of course, did the the visionaries behind Twitter conceive of it as a marketing/business communications tool? Maybe so, but I view it the same way I view Facebook, as an app designed for teens and 20-somethings, that folks like us have adopted for our own use. It's not a perfect fit (yet), but we're making the best of it.

One last thing... I've known Steven (aka, Vaspers) for a number of years. He's always been snarky and a bit combative. IMO, he's really a nice guy. I wouldn't be too put off by what might be considered a "condescending" attitude. (My two cents; He doesn't need me to come to his defense. Heh.)

Great (or should I say "grate") post. Valeria, you've made a fan out of me for sure!

@Doug -- That is a pretty good start. I tend to focus more on the attitude because once you get that (the spirit), then you generally figure the rest out. Why, then what, then how.

@Mary -- bingo: it's not either/or. As you, Doug and everyone else pointed out it's a matter of putting the right people on it. When I correspond with Richard@Dell, it is really Richard I am talking to, not Dell ;-) Thank you, a very good conversation by all here.

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