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Data security will stem from the move to individuals owning their own data.

Great post and one thought, which is more focused on the short-term: From the perspective of a communications person who works in Corporate America, I still see a challenge in getting the executives to understand and believe in Web 2.0, much less understand Web 3.0. I won't quit educating and creating success stories, but I worry that more and more people will have to have, as you say, "crashes", to understand what you put together above in your post.

@Carolyn Ann -- it's really hard for the business side to get what it takes to keep infrastructure working properly and data secure. I was talking to a company owner whose system crashed and he was completely helpless. He got what it meant only then, and at what cost. All his intellectual property was stored in there (in the creative business so design and writing). "Business will not spend money on protecting your data unless it's mandated." It's a Catch 22, alas. We are used to squeezing costs out of the equation on both sides. Alas, for us it comes at a cost we may reconsider. Another case when you don't think about it until you have a problem. And then, that's all you think about. Vera Wang, who would have thought? ;-)

@David -- that's why if we can eliminate spam, we spend mores time reading the stuff we actually want. A week or so ago I gave the example of "in person" spam and it's just as bad. A time waster for everyone. Ah, if only we put that same energy that is put into spamming for doing good!

@Mario -- source of this interesting information? Usability is key. Part of the new web and new users, too, will no doubt be a more natural experience, not just off line adapted to online as we often have now.

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