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With David here on overload.
Thus it would make sense to have mechanisms to better usability/interaction.

This comes by way of process innovations.
There will be very few disruptive technologies. Upcoming brands that gain momentum will have adopted one of two strategies: Creative Imitation, or Entrepreneurial Judo.

But in the long run, whether we're talking about the indifferent/passive internet user class, the moderately connected, or hyperactive class - Strong usability coupled with the support of a dedicated brand (partners, parent company, distributors, fans) is paramount to differentiation and co-optation.

Bandwidth -- that's the challenge. I don't mean electronic bandwidth, since technology can deal with that. I mean the "bandwidth" of our own time and attention span.

Already, there seems to be too much being thrown at us by email and now through social networks we choose to join. And I'm afraid that somehow the spammers will figure ways to break through whatever firewalls are established.

Aside from the bandwidth problem, the possibilities of Web 3.0 are spectacular, I'd say.

@Nick -- about less passive browsers, I think we're starting to see that. Now that I use a Mac at home, I am fascinated by the differences even with systems from the Dell I have at work. In the last month I changed most of the content in my RSS reader, one site at the time. It would be nice to receive recommendations about related blogs, etc.

@Francois -- welcome to the conversation. Well put, we do tend to see change as the antagonist in the near term, thus casting it as drama, and to be overly optimistic about change in the future. When I bought my home, for example, I thought the fixing would never end and at the same time took on projects that resulted in much greater work than anticipated. Might this be human nature to help us survive in the short and stretch to grow in the long term? I'm all for greater change as respects the web.

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