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Once again - you have a great ability to look at broad implications. The issue is indeed using an old framework for an emerging model - webpages are still not pages are they..;) And social media is once again only being viewed as a new distribution mechanism in which to place ad models. However the impact all this social media stuff is having on individuals and business has much broader strategic implications for companies and customers that are bigger than simply "marketing & advertising".

Great post.

I think to distill the definition of New Media one more level and better encapsulate your thoughts it can be expressed as Many-to-Many-to-One communication.

The information is propagated then it is screened by various editors, communities, and trusted sources then fed to you in a personal and relevant stream. You already touched on these points, but I feel that this might be an easier way of conveying the idea.



@Tom -- I've always counted on word of mouth ;-) From what I've read so far at "A Human Voice", your passion for WOM comes through, and that is usually our point of departure. I might have gotten spoiled over the years, since I am a 'tween (Europe and US) and make friends easily, I've always had a global network. Ever since my middle school days when I started corresponding with students from all over the world.

Online makes it easier, of course. The trick for me is to not let what I do today sway too much what I can envision for tomorrow. Other models are possible, if we can only let go for a moment of the current ones.

Information is not power, it's nourishment. The attempt to control it, even internally, leads only to people making up their own version... and that depletes the network of needed energy focused in the right direction. Word of mouth is effective because real information is being shared.

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