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I'll take Euros too with the current valuations. I almost feel like a woman all over again -- working twice as hard to earn half as much ;-)

You got it, doing something because we want to and enjoy. I think what we become complacent with is comfort, especially in organized entities. Thus out the window goes the hunger to make a different, create meaning, etc. and in comes the sense that nobody wants to rock the boat.

Loved your last thought: "our time is so precious that it can't be bought. We can only give it away." Thank you!

Well, I do get paid to blog. But I could get paid to do a lot of things, and I would still write online if my employment were elsewhere.

Money is important (and I'll take some of those fine-looking Euros -- why do they look more like money than dollars these days?). But we shouldn't do anything -- paid or not -- unless it's something we love.

There just isn't enough time. I still think of myself as young, but at 46 years old, I've lived long enough to realize the fleetingness of time. One moment, we're graduating from High School. The next (it it really seems to be the very *next* moment), we're watching our kids graduate. We look at the other parents, and they're all thinking the same thing: how did this happen so quickly?

Time is our most valuable commodity. From it extends love and learning and satisfaction. So we should be burning it on things which are worthwhile, whether it's blogging or something else.

If someone pays us, fabulous. Ultimately, though, our time is so precious that it can't be bought. We can only give it away.


You are quite right. It's really hard to conceive change in the midst of something that seems to work. Yet, that is precisely the right time to make a go at it, before it's too late. Thank you so much for adding to this conversation!

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