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I love Bill Strickland! I had an opportunity to hear him speak to the Master's Forum here in Minneapolis, and his words have stuck with me.

I think what makes Bill such a fresh voice is his utter lack of pretense. Power and influence isn't something he seeks or cultivates but it is a byproduct of his commitment. He generates generous natural energy with others and as a result great things come to him, naturally.

The greatest leaders, it seems to me, find a way of connecting passion to purpose in a way that makes the world a bigger, better place. When that connection is made, there is very little that can stop the momentum which is fueled by the natural energy of human creativity, passion and ingenuity.

I'm glad you've given Bill some visibility, he's the real thing. It goes to show that in order to change the world we actually have to do something by connecting our energies in concert with other people. It's hard work, and there is no secret for accomplishing such great things. Fortunately, Bill Strickland didn't read any books about "secrets" for changing the world, he just followed his heart and did something. After all, it is that simple.

I am so very glad to see you signed on to Bloggers Unite, Valeria.

I really love the post. We're here to give to life, not take from it.

Thank you for giving us a glimpse into Bill Strickland's thoughts. He's right of course.

All my best,

@Anne -- I know I'm not that interesting ;-) The work they are doing at Manchester Craftsman's Guild is amazing. I can't wait to read the book.

@Lauren -- when Meredith reached out to me, she did not know I met Bill. I am a strong believer that we're given gifts and opportunities to use them. A kind gesture is a kind gesture, there is no monopoly on how big it needs to be. It is indeed the little things.

@Ignacio -- that was a very passionate comment. Thank you. It's musical in its phrasing, can you see it? Bill has a giving habit, it's natural to him. It will be really good to spend some time with his words, in his world.

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