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Welcome to the conversation, Bob. It will be very interesting to see how Del''s and WPP's vision for this agency plays out. It's good to shoot for something in a way that "has not been done before". I wonder if we could also begin to move our internal dynamics away from inside-out thinking for the sake of customers.

Having worked in corporate America my whole career, I can certainly see the challenges companies have today. Yet, agencies face a good number of them as well. The only way is to keep an ear to the ground and be ready "to handle the truth". Thank you for joining the conversation.

Read comments with interest and thought I would jump in. Our move to create a new agency with WPP will help us streamline from our current roster of 869 agencies. We want our agency to spend 100% of their time focused on our customers, rather than worrying about endless pitching. We all know how much time that can waste for agencies and companies. And, we also want to be able to create campaigns and/or new approaches to the market that we can introduce in days or weeks, not months, so having one firm globally will give us significantly more flexibility. There's more, of course, but these are a few key points. All that being said, we do this with open eyes and fully appreciate it is not without challenges.

All the best, Bob Pearson, Dell

@The Kaiser -- I can never resist a good storyteller and you part-series was really well thought out and written. I especially like the global nature of these conversation. You in Europe, me here, Mitch in Canada...

@Mitch -- I think I actually blogged about the research you mention. Was it this post? - yes B2B companies are starting to look at online more closely. We do hear about the B2C case studies more.

@Tom -- you sum it up nicely and give me reason to share where the inspiration came for Conversation Agent. Exactly from the vision of an execution like the one you articulate here. Since I'm not an agency, I thought agent would be appropriate. Shhht... I didn't tell anyone ;-)

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