Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Seni Thomas: 2008- The Year Networks Become More Than Social

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@Francesco -- thank you for stopping by. For the non Italian readers: he was a student at Temple's Fox School of Business in Philadelphia this year and is majoring in marketing with a master in corporate blogging (emphasis on consumer blogs).

@Carolyn Ann -- the credit is Seni's and yes they are smart words and phrases, I concur. I am also quite sure that people will continue taking their ideas more seriously than their managers, quit their jobs, and start new ones with others from their networks. More and more, I find that I prefer to get things done to spending endless hours in meetings making sure everyone's been briefed, etc.

Interesting idea, Valeria. :-)

You should trademark those words and phrases. They're yours, make 'em so they really are.

I like your social-development idea. Unfortunately I see a bit of a roadblock: people and their status. Managers, as a rule, hate to let "underlings" (I use the term deliberately, etc) achieve things that will eclipse the manager. That's why it's so hard to accomplish anything. I read an Information Week columnist, Bob Lewis, who has been writing a weekly column about this very topic - for years!

And, simply because you mentioned IBM, I happened to have read their latest magazine (the $55 one I don't buy, but read over a $2 cup of coffee) that describes some of the social networking problems. Lots of interesting ideas, and some real solutions, but I can't say there was any particular awareness of corporate politics. (At least it's good value at $2...)

I hope that the clerk in your story can use his social networking software to discover the relevant partners, they quit their jobs, start a business to exploit the idea, and make millions of dollars. It's the American way. :-)

Carolyn Ann

PS I always feel gung-ho about opportunity in America. :-)

Ciao Valeria,
scusami se ti scrivo in italiano e se mi sono inserito in questo post, ma vado di fretta. Ho scoperto da poco tempo il tuo blog e lo trovo davvero interessante. Quest'estate ho frequentato una business school proprio alla Temple (Fox School of Business and Management) di Ph ed ora sto scrivendo un project work per il master in marketing che sto frequentando in italia. L'argomento sono i corporate blog, con particolare attenzione al settore del credito al consumo. Potrei farti delle domande (una piccola intervista) per email o in privato? Grazie mille.

P.s. Complimenti davvero, fai il lavoro dei miei sogni nella città in cui ho lasciato un pezzo di cuore!

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