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And more photos to come ;-) Stealth never works long term. It is much better to be up front. That's why I completely lost interest in Facebook.

We discussed that article when we spoke about "Facebook: Brands Guilty by Association?". It seemed all great, but they were telling only part of the story.

Valeria, you took a lot of pictures from your latest trip to Italy..

I agree with you on the subtle and, indeed, worse way of Facebook (to say one) to spam our profile.
Yesterday I've got a message from a friend with a funny application. To install the app, I should have involve ten friends. This sucks.

I understand that the guys from Facebook have to show that they can make money out of it but this is the worst way to do it.

I posted yesterday on my blog a comment about an interview with a Facebook's vp (source: Fast Company): at the end of the article, I had the strong feeling that they do not know how to monetize in a honest way.

@Tim -- ah, ah, ah it made me think of some of the spam I get... and I'm a girl ;-)

@Ricardo -- it's amazing how people make assumptions. For example, I still lead a networking group of readers of Fast Company magazine. We have 500+ members in Philadelphia. Each new member who has a newsletter signs me up for it, assuming it's alright. Imagine how much stuff I get without choosing to.

@David -- no, the spam inside Facebook is from your friends, which is much worse, and subliminal in that they collect a ton of info on your behavior -- both bad. I don't log on anymore. There was one member of my group of "friends" who signed up for every group she could find and invite all her friends. 3-4 emails from Facebook because of her alone. I wrote about opt-in email in my Web 3.0 post there on the sidebar under "Timeless", if you're interested in reading a scenario.

@Roger -- I remember when we had those faxes with thermal paper and in the morning we would come in the office to find the rolls of paper all over the floor -- a lot being advertising. Ugh!

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