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I'm gonna ask the stupid question --

Your post is called "Forget Influentials" -- but everything talks about measuring and identifying influencers. Is the thrust of the post to pay more attention to the community context, not just the agents? But doesn't anything "viral" still depend on that select group of people hard-wired to spread things?

I am completely on board with diversity and distance -- as in not knowing someone too well. Why do we take the advice of a third party and not that same coming from within the organization? Taking people we know and work with for granted is quite common.

Back to influentials, the way this thought transfers there is that they are a known entity -- and we may become biased as to what they think, one way or the other... more food for thought here. Thank you!


Lots of interesting bits to digest. You might want to check out this post on Strong vs. Weak ties in social networks.


I discussed a bit of the idea here -


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