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You will not get any objections to great writing as window to the soul *and* reason for action from me. I'm a Liberal Arts major ;-)

The triggers differ for all of us-- and that is why we learn about behavior and attempt to capture feedback -- the best of both being paying attention to the person in front of you. Thinking about and writing for that person is one of the best compliments and services one can give.

We keep saying that we are customers as well as stockholders and business providers. I do wonder if we really, really put ourselves in those roles to capture what the people on the other side of the conversation think, feel, want. Skilled communicators tend to do that really well.

I agree with you Valeria. If all people wanted a conversation, then every post would have a higher percentage of comments in relation to readership, but that is not reality.

Sometimes I think what some new media proponents miss is that copywriters and others, meaning some of the greats, always considered great copy to be a conversation. It touches people, engages people, and changes behavior as a what is defined as a "new conversation" might. It always considered the intended recipient. It often started with copywriters not writing to mass audiences but a reasonably defined set of people with similar tastes, demographics, travel preferences, etc.

It was not all unlike a blog post, usually written to appeal to a broader audience that feels as if they were being spoken to on a personal level, with the only real difference being that comment sections provides an immediate feedback mechanism as opposed to a response that requires the reader to pick up the phone or drive to the store and engage the professional or employee or clerk in a conversation that, better than a comment, is face to face.

Sure, I am a fan of integrating the conversation, blogs, social media, and social networks into the communication stream. I guess where sometimes I raise questions or objections is when a premise misdefines communication, hijacks an element of it, and then lays claim to it as if it is a new idea that was somehow missed for generations.

Right, some social media experts, and I would include you in this assessment, have laid real groundwork. Others, I sometimes wonder if they are offering up ideas that are not really true or simply repackaged goods as seems to the case with this premise.


Clearly, I believe there is a comprehensive strategy that has a place in it for many of the traditional or core marketing tactics. Not all customers really want to talk with you, many never do and of those who do, some do it only when pressed.

And there is still a need for leadership and guidance as well as experience cultivated in having worked it and lived it. If anything for context.

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