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Oh my word. If the premise is "Communication is the ... yada, yada, as stated" then no wonder it doesn't work for some folks.

Who are these "people" who treat communication this way? If that is the premise then it is too far overreaching of a statement to move much beyond that. It would like declaring all radio advertising dead because your client wanted to buy 20 :30 spots against 2,000 and a station endorsement.

Some of the other points have merit, but more importantly I cannot thank you enough for cutting to the heart of the work. It make a difference. And it's appreciated.

All my best,

I continue to be amazed by agencies that recommend Social Media as an easy and quick way to get attention. Agencies where nobody has a blog... then again there are plenty of people dispensing advice they do not take themselves.

It is not easy, it's not quick, and it requires a significant commitment to doing the right thing vs. doing all the right things... there's a difference.

Good question: " conversation, and social media, supposed to fix the void left by lack of commitment to adequate promotions budgets, research, staffing, product support for the intended marketplace, development, distribution network, and on and on?"

Any port in a storm? Or perhaps the current appeal of Conversation/SM is a sense that it's somehow easier.

But you're right on the money in saying, "Covering your basics is the wellspring of conversation because if you've not gotten your basics covered, you've got nothing to talk about."

Conversation is earned. Conversation requires a foundation.

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