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@Albert -- so glad you joined this conversation. Many to many is still one to one where many are listening in. So the message is shaped and carried forth by conversation.

@Mike -- it is easy to throw a new tool at an old problem, too. I have heard blanket recommendations made by agencies to solve any problem. That's not how it works. The organization needs to be ready and willing to make the commitment. Having said that, Kat brings up a great point, which is let's not stop experimenting.

@Chris -- Offshoot of my thinking during the research for the post "If i were an agency today".

@Ann -- it seems to me that desperation is not a good strategy.

@Kat -- I am totally with you on experimenting and being willing to give it a try. I recommend doing it in house to see what it feels like, who's best at it, find a voice, etc. first. Or go out open and humble. In my experience companies seldom do humble well, though ;-)

@Nick -- good analogies. I meet new colleagues every day in the kitchen as I get coffee. And we have quality conversations. The tool amplifies and provides visibility.

@Tim -- thank you!

@Rich -- does that change the edu value? You are a welcome voice here any time.

@Carolyn Ann -- thank you.

Nicely put, and Well said! Valeria. :-)

Carolyn Ann

Darn it Valeria,

Now I have to take back back what I said about you.

"Valeria Maltoni (Conversation Agent) because sometimes she is overly enamored with social media, but recognizes the value of strategic communication."

That's what I said when asked who I think offers more social media/communication edu value. Now it needs to read:

"Valeria Maltoni (Conversation Agent) recognizes the value of strategic communication and understands that social media is just a tool ... a good one, but a tool none the less."

Best, :)


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