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This is such a terrific post. I want to digest more and respond in more depth.

In the interim, are you interested in participating in UNM2PNM i.e. my review experiment with "Join the Conversation"?

Let me know if you need more information.


Thank you for taking the time to comment and for the kind words, Hugh.

We would have met in person at the NYC geek dinner last year had I not been very ill that weekend. I will look for other opportunities to put a face with a name, as they say.

My point was not to pick on you, hope that came across. It was to show that we can make no assumptions of the kinds I have been seeing too often. I know you see the term "conversation" as relating to social objects and social gestures. I am not so sure that everyone does.

That's why I liked Mark's thinking on relational so much -- it gave me a way to articulate what I'm thinking without the metaphor. From my experience with interpreting, meaning can and does get lost in translation -- context, culture, and yes, assumptions, play a role.

Sorry if I've been amiss. It's bloody hard keeping up with everybody. Heck, it's hard enough keeping up with the blogs of people you know quite well, in person. But you have my sincere apologies.

Secondly, when people say, "Join The Conversation", "conversation" in this context is a metaphor. All to do with social objects and social gestures. All to easy to confuse the metaphor with reality.

Some great thoughts in this post, by the way.

Rock on,


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