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The fact that they hired more staff may mean little if the culture remains stodgy. I worked in conservative industries -- insurance and chemical manufacturing, for example. Those were fun times, trying to loosen up a little and be with the times.

If Target's corporate culture is indeed so conservative, then there is a huge disconnect between who they are and who they want to portray in their brand manifestations. Amy herself shared that she reached out to them *because* they are a great company as perceived through their playful advertising and store merchandise.

Food for thought. These are times when being integrated means being and living your brand. Or you will be found out.

Not sure if it was Hemingway, Mark Twain or Blaise Pascal who said, "If I had more time (i.e. resources), I would have written you a shorter (i.e. more appropriate, more considered, more human) letter." Still, Von Wolter's excuse is just that, an excuse, and not really an answer to Amy's original question--or really even an answer to the questions that developed later.

Don't be surprised if Target doesn't ever get the courage to have a conversation about this. They have a surprisingly conservative corporate culture (i.e. At corporate HQ, men must wear either a sport coat or tie when away from their cube/office).

You can see this for yourself when you visit Minneapolis in March, Valeria. Heck, you can talk about it! I'm hoping we'll see some Target folks in the audience March 3.

Thanks for the insightful conversation here.

@Roxanne -- another suggestion I would add for companies is to get every decision maker and front line person in a room and ask: what is the worst thing that could happen? Then chart how you would be prepared to respond and act to it. We have the tools in crisis communications planning. Why not use the same process? Just a thought. I've never been to Hawaii... one day.

@Amy -- what are the chances that two Hawaiian ladies would be here at the same time? I am well aware of Gavin and Drew's call to enrollment, I have been one of the original authors. And yes, I already answered the survey. It would be neat if we really edited this second edition, organizing it in chapters or grouping talent according to criteria that can give more insights to the reader. The first book ended up containing a lot of repetition. I offered to help make that happen. Thank you again for your energy and participation.

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