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Valeria, Mahalo. And Roxanne...Hawaii is my home turf (grew up on Oahu in the Aiea area/kamaaina Radford girl) so I'm thrilled to hear the ad community over there is using critical thinking skills along these lines if you're imparting same as a new media trainer.

Since your readers are so savvy at tackling these conversations, don't forget Drew & Gavin are having their 'open call' to jump in w/new names for version 2.0 (Valeria did you do the survey for this weekend yet? easy to guess which of the 3 topics I chose...;-)

In fact, I was waiting for the NYT brouhaha to blow over before posting about it to ensure it didn't 'taint' AOC in any way...though perhaps I should've snagged the extra eyeballs this week, eh? hmn...I'll ping our illustrious editors and see what they have to say about when/how I should handle. Malama pono... (Hawaiian for 'take care') --Amy

I spoke about this incident at a talk I gave last week to the Hawaii Advertising Federation. I agree with your thoughtful post. The more the agency side understands how the brand is being owned in the marketplace and the more the communications staff understands how the internet really works, the faster these situations can be converted to lemonade. It is no longer sufficient to think that using email and Google qualifies one as being internet literate.

As a person who does new media/social media training, I encourage companies to get training and then to have dedicated staff who love the brand and want to get out there and interact with people like Amy who both like the store yet are confused by seemingly arrogant behavior and demeaning ads.


Thank you so much for providing more background and food for thought. I am honored to have you here. There is always a lot of positive that builds from conversations -- the reason why I made my recommendations in the post. Talk can and does change lives.

Words and visuals are very powerful, advertising people know that. We should learn to respect their power as we say we respect the people they are meant to communicate with. I applaud your efforts and stay tuned for opportunities to reinforce positive messages.

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