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Hi Valeria

Thank you!!!! And that follow through...with the poetic. Nicely woven together, as I suspected would be the case. And the jobs youd like to have are awesome!!!

@Warren -- how do you manage to have people approach you and ask you to rant? I sense the entrepreneurial spirit at work.

@David -- that's why my approach with the tag is the business angle. We reveal a lot of ourselves to those who read, and listen. they just need to do the extra work and pay attention. Glad the timing of my post and your blogiversary coincided.

@Becky -- you are very kind. It is quite fun to take ordinary concepts and make them come alive in business. We are people and we do market to people after all. I'll be looking for your ideas!

Valeria, thank you for sharing your ideas, be they personal or business-related, as I always learn so much from you. You are one of the bloggers that always makes me reflect on something new. :)

Thank you also for the tag. I was previously tagged by Peter Kim, but there is always more to share! The last time was personal - I think I will make it business focused this time.

Rock on!

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