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Your tips for good and bad pitches are exactly what p.r. people should do when pitching mainstream media. Unfortunately, there are too many p.r. people who don't know how to pitch mainstream media, so why would they get it right when pitching bloggers?

As far as talking about myself, my blog is a professional vehicle, so I try to stick to issues I cover. I do sometimes get into personal things, since the blogosphere is a friendly, collegial conversation. But I try not to overdo it.

I never fill in the personal info on profile pages of spaces like Facebook, MySpace, etc. I think it's an invitation to get hit with pitches and spam. And why would someone care what movie I like, or what my favorite color is? I save that info for personal conversations with people I know.

Can I reveal something about myself?

I'd rather not be approached by someone that has a goal of telling me about something.. but I love having people approach me and offer to listen to me rant.

Even better if they have something I want.

"Seek first to understand.. then be understood" Stephen Covey

Just found the blog.. LOVING IT.. I'm sure I'll be back soon

@Austin -- thank you, that is very kind of you. I just read your post . It's quite moving because I, too, have experienced the contractions of the marketplace. It is a living organism, isn't it? I'm also liking where you took the definition of 'meme' to.

@Cam -- not for the content, though. That is you!

@Don -- your comment is a post in and of itself. Thank you for offering it. This space, so public, is an opportunity. What we make of it depends on us. Intent and attitude still manifest themselves in the background, they still color perceptions and inform actions. Images and words are coming faster, yet they are even more permanent - digitally.

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