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Interesting post. I think you raised the key question by asking what happens to the news organizations profit model with the influx of new (or we) media.

As you suggest, traditional news organizations rely heavily on a top down approach of content being delivered to a heterogeneous mass audience. Their model is based almost solely on ad dollars.

The "We" approach treats the audience more like a community. Instead of a heterogeneous mass audience, you're now dealing with the thoughts of individuals. This may not be such a bad thing for advertisers. Whatever people may think about Second Life, companies have still been able to infiltrate this virtual world with new and innovative ways in which to advertise.

With the advent of "We" media, the power of the news organizations and the advertisers will transition from the masses to the individuals. The fact that technology allows for a high degree of interactivity means that organizations will be able to customize their products/services/news stories to appeal to people at the micro level.

This will still lead to profits, however the way in which these companies track profits may change as there are now more stakeholders involved who operate at many different levels.

Good reminder for Scoble, David. I've often felt him a kindred spirit -- work on the corporate site, association with Fast Company on a contributing level, and who knows what I come up with next in my career. Promise I will stick to my knitting, though.

He's also a very likeable person who has taken to time to develop tons of knowledge. I'm on a learning curve with the tech part of things. Then again, my mastery is over words and language. To each their own domains.

Very cool diagram, which I remembered. Glad you pointed it out. In the last several months I have been working on bringing our PR strategy up to speed on new media realities. As you know, a cohesive change takes time, esp. when selling ideas at so many levels of an organization.

Good post Valeria. And let's not forget our friend Robert Scoble who has crossed over full fledged into MSM while still crossing back over into social media. He acts as sort of a two way conductor.

Some related thoughts (and visuals) here.

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