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My brother send me this post today when I was feeling a little tired and irritable - very unlike me.

It was very useful and I found myself musing on what my Liz Mantras would be.

So - I gave myself exactly 30 words and had some fun seeing what came up. Here they are

Be Kind
Be open + respectful + present
Passion moves dreams
Liz is fab
Stillness + silence
Champagne rules
Speak + live your truth
See beauty
Believe in others
Lolling is bliss
Live powerfully

I posted them and your post on my blog and invited my readers to explore what their personal mantra/s would be - a kind of personal value branding.

Congrats on your 500th post.


That's what I would call a timeless book, Karen. I will have to look it up - I tend to be a book junkie. I was reflecting the other day that we crawl on our belly, then we creep on hands and knees, then we wobble before we walk. It's the same evolutionary path we follow in almost everything. And we use many falls to set up straight on what balance is.

Thank you for visiting. Hope your work is yielding satisfaction.

Hi Valeria

Congratulations on your milestone achievement! That's great!

I don't use a mantra, but I'm reading a classic book that relates to #11 on your list. The book is called "The Magic of Believing" and it was originally written by Claude Bristol in 1948. The cover is fading, but the message is clear. The mind is powerful - and if we focus our thoughts we can achieve almost anything.

In a business sense, people have used it to build fortunes and the principles apply as much today as they did back then.

As you suggest, before we see real change externally...we must change the nature of our thoughts within ourselves.

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