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Thank you for your kind words, Joe. To me the two key ones are learning how your business makes money and being in direct contact with customers. You should want to be where the action is. That's also where the greatest satisfaction is.

Hi Valeria,

Starting one's first job? Some simple advice:

1. Listen
2. Get a mentor, formal or informal. Your college or business or a friend can be a good source
3. Learn exactly how your business makes money. Not what it sells or where it gets revenue - how it makes money.
4. Google "Ram Charan" and read EVERYTHING.
6. Try to move to a job that is either in direct contact with clients or on the leading edge of change/innovation - you do good there and you'll always be challenged...and employed.
7. Volunteer for service projects at work - great way to connect with people outside your department.
8. Find three great blogs, like this one, and read every morning.
9. Mentor someone else once things are going good for you.
10. Max your 401k if you have one.

@Ricardo - manga is way cool. First time I opened a business book with true glee. Confidence is key. Believe in yourself, don't second-guess your moves. Balance that, as you say so well, with an inquisitive mind open to learning. That's actually how I got to where I am ;-)

@Mike - it's very exciting that Dan would agree to do a Q&A at book launch here. I'm sure we're all curious to see how we are drawing meaning together. Marketing as context building, perfect pick up line!

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