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@David - The current use has been taken as a symbol of the dynamics we seek and observe.

@Carolyn Ann - I like to question assumptions and inquire about what we perceive as reality. As I did in my post today ;-) Well, intent is often what matters, isn't it? Not intention, mind you - they can be two separate things. People use terminology that projects how they process things. It's information about them. Customer service being in trouble is not news anymore (unfortunately), demonstrating good customer conversation dynamics in the comments is worthy of note. I smiled at the contradiction of being inconsistently consistent in the other post. Then again, we all live with our own. As for riding in silence, that can be such a filling experience. Sometimes I think we talk out of the sheer desire to hear our own voice.

Whoa! The original Conversation Agent, questioning the nature of conversation? :-) (Not really - but you did come awful close!)

Conversations can be had pretty much anywhere; I've had them on the side of a mountain (the other guy *was* wearing a safety harness), and in crowded bars. But they always involve interaction: Twitter isn't interaction, it's responding. (But then again, I think you know how I feel about Twitter.)

I'm rambling now: when I thought about your question about internal quietness, I thought of motorcycling. You have to be quiet, in your mind, when you're on a bike - it's quite hazardous to your health and general wellbeing if you're still fuming about the row with the boss, the wife, or whomever. But when I listen to my dearly beloved - I'm thinking of what she is saying. (And maybe reading an email, but we'll keep that a secret. :-) )

The conversation you describe is not the typical conversation of participants; it is the effort to have a conversation, the effort required to have a conversation, with those with whom we do business with. And yes, customer service lost touch with the consumer many years ago (I worked in C.S. for a major bank; oy, the horror stories I could tell!), and when did "official" inconsistency become news? :-) Heck - even that doyen of doing good (yeah, right), Google is inconsistent; it evades the questions posed by customer service, and consistency - rather than answer them. It's not original in this.

I do have to take umbrage with Mr Livingstone: you didn't "hype" his work; you simply praised it, and advertized a forthcoming work from him. Asserting you "hyped" it is, well - it's not my blog, but can I be offended on your behalf? And your fans are anything but "rabid"! I am a fan, and I most assuredly am not rabid. (And I would know. That was scare I care not to discuss.)

Carolyn Ann


You could in fact argue that "The Conversation" is the sum total of all the individual conversations. It's become a way for us all to connect and communicate and to describe those conversations en masse.

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