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This is where I think many custom publishers lose it. They try to shoe horn their product or service into an ongoing conversation, like that annoying relative at Thanksgiving dinner who will blurt out a new seemingly random discussion topic. No matter what the current discussion, they have a bull in the china shop approach that is disruptive as it is ineffective.

I think many custom content marketing people would do well to follow your advice and to look for ongoing conversations that can dovetail with their products and services. There are already people out there who have self-organized around the need the company serves, all the company has to do is enter the discussion in a meaningful way by having a dialog where both sides listen.

Don Lipper

@Mike - thank you for kicking off this conversation. You taught me a lot about marketing as context building through your blog and our conversations. I think it's back, and in the next few weeks I will have a post up to talk about how and where this is very relevant. It is about people.

@Steve - very good, this extends the conversation is new ways. It's a lot of work to make substance part of relational conversations, as this blog's s l o w (and very organic) growth can attest to, but it is an enduring way of building context. And context matters a great deal. We have a winner on acronyms. Drum roll right here, please!

Valeria, this is one of my all-time favorites. (Even Mike stuck out his head from the cold wilds of Iowa:-)

As I read and re-read, two underlying words kept emerging in my mind: Substance and Relationships.

You can "brand" all you want, but if there's nothing of substance to put it on a solid foundation, it will sink under its own dead weight.

If your brand does have substance, it still needs the relational connectedness to achieve critical mass.

The new RSS: Relationships, Style, and Substance.

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