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@David -- it is usually not the establishment that makes the leap to the new. Change is too hard when the way we make a living is directly tied into the status quo. There already are companies that operate from that premise. And as you say here, there will be more of that. In the end, the market will drive demand.

@Kristine -- Thank you for weighing in from where you sit. I have great respect and admiration for designers as well. A collaborative attitude works. I have put together teams from different partners in the past and I have no problem doing that. Usually the difference with those teams is that people think they "get to" do the work vs. "have to. That's what yields great results. If you work with a smart lead, whoever that might be, they will manage to keep it all in sync.

@Gordon -- there is a lot of talent out there that is not harnessed because of the "stories" that agencies have told themselves about what it means to be an agency. The work speaks to a lot of it, and so does the escalating frustration of companies. More and more, talent is in free agency, and that is just fine by me.

@Nathania -- good writing is very hard work, especially good persuasive writing. Anyone who finds a writer with the right voice and tone should hang on to them. And yes, we should not be married so much to a physical space. One issue at a time : )

I do not usually comment on blogs, but I feel so strongly about this topic that I am posting a comment. I think this post is wonderful and I believe this is starting to happen. I know as an independent designer I work with developers and others as partners in more of a "virtual" office or agency model. I think one key component that should not be lost in this process is the idea of collaboration. I think this model works when everyone who is part of the team is committed to using all the tools available to collaborate despite the fact that everyone may not be housed in the same building, state or country. Historically, if you look at some of the best branding successes they are the result of amazing collaboration (client collaborating with agency and collaboration within an agency) I think that everyone involved in an "agency" is a creative thinker with a different perspective or piece to contribute. I think the best work is created when everyone is working together to help the business accomplish their goals. Some businesses are beginning to integrate this thinking into their daily process with great success. I seem to recall hearing at a conference that Method for example operates in this manner. They put product teams together including product development, writers, designers, marketing and have them sit together to encourage dialogue rather than grouping all the designers together as many companies do. Anyway, my main point is that I think it is important not to lose the idea of collaboration/dialogue when creating a virtual agency or team.

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