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@pyrmont - thank you for sharing your take. Media used to be your neighbor talking about what was going on around the block. It used to be the guy at the grocery store telling stories from one customer to the other. More and more, it is going back to that in many places. I agree with you that while at one point the content used to be merely sponsored by advertisers, now it exists to cater to them in many publications (not all). This is a bigger discussion than we should have in the comments. It would be a great one to have in an open forum - with an open mindset. Thank you for stimulating further thought on the topic.

@Jon - I hear you with being behind on reading. I still have 10 books unopened by my desk, with 3 I am currently reading ;-) Interestingly, I am now thinking of journalist and journaling in the same span.

Not all bloggers are journalists. But then again, the title of "journalist" is, in my opinion, subjective. Incidentally, I was way behind on my reading, and hadn't found this post when I wrote this piece - along a similar vein.

In my humble opinion this argument is outdated and null and void.

Maybe in eons gone by when media in the broadest sense was diverse, and one could possible argue that we were actually getting "news"

Flash back to the present, Media or rather Media Ownership is Concentrated, where the tv/radio network owner is also the same dude in a different building down the road...attempting to sell you XYZ widgets.. . With "news" delivery/presentation having so many agendas...

It is within this very "manufactured journalistic environment" that People have have decided to find/create tools (technology platforms) to both interact and in a way find/discern the real news(social media sites) ....

Thus one could argue that only when traditional media provides "real transparency" can you then even begin to ask to define so called responsibilities from "citizen journalism"

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