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Happy Anniversary; America gained as much as you did from your immigration. Both sets of my grandparents were immigrants and it is fascinating to watch how families evolve.

I still believe that the US is a rich environment for innovation and growth but that overall living/property standards have evolved so that other countries can also enjoy the fruits of their people. Only by maintaining a free and open society will this continue.

Also, happy Earth Day. Mine was spent in the woods pulling ivy; giving native plants a fighting chance of regenerating.

Hope that your next 20 years are as much fun as the last 20!

Thank you for the wishes, Jim. Fairmont Park is one of my favorite local haunts.

@Christopher - your story reminds me of how many others laws and regulations that have not kept up with the times. It's a balance between past and future we all need to keep, while we live in the present. Remembering we are a nation of immigrants, while we mash up cultures and ideas now so that we can continue to innovate for the future. Today, there are greater growth and opportunity in other nations. I see it with students who come here to learn and then go back to their countries where they can contribute more.

@Karen - like with everything else in life, doing something every day beats going for the major effort once in a while. Change is easier to take (and do) in small doses ;-) Taking a moment to contemplate success and meditate on what is next is very wise.

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