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Great post. I have been blogging for a while not to really trying to drive any traffic as such. But I am about to launch one for my company and I guess I have to start taking it more seriously. So this could be really useful


Hi there, R:

I went live, happened to talk to a couple of friends, asked me for the URL, I emailed it. No more complicated than that. And no, although Seth Godin is a friend, he never blogged about my blog. People and other bloggers discovered me from the comments I left in other blogs. I built my traffic over time, organically - still do. No email blasts.

I have no desire to be right so you can have that one ;-)

As for guest posts, I happened to be the 1,000 comment at the blog of someone I read who read my work. He asked me to guest post to celebrate. Something similar happened on another blog a few months later. I was interviewed on a couple of blogs. Nothing magic, just work.

Hi there,
I just have a couple of questions about this post. Both relate to your paragraph headlined "Launch without fanfare."

First, you refer to "guest posts." What do you mean by that exactly? Can you give an example of "guest posts" that you did -- for whom, and how they came to be, and when you did them?

Second, in that paragraph you say the site simply went live, there was no email blast. But later you refer to "publicizing my URL to friends and colleagues."

So ... which is it? Did you simply go live without telling anyone? Or did you launch and then email "friends and colleagues" alerting them that you had launched? How many "friends and colleagues"? Were any of them popular bloggers who in reaction to your email posted that you were now blogging?

I think it's pretty clear that I'm asking this in an honestly curious way, but I"ll just go out of my way to say that I'm being contrary or confrontational. I just wonder if maybe there's a middle ground between a random email blast to everyone in the world, and "just going live" with no email at all.

For example, if I launched a blog and told my friends, and one of my friends was Seth Godin , who happened to mention that in a post, it seems like it would make a difference.


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