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There is definitely an evolution in the medium, which impacts not only individuals. It also affects news organizations, as I will write about tomorrow (bit of preview). That is why personal PR is an important concept. It begins with grassroots efforts and may go all the way to media networks.

I had a conversation around brand experience at The Blog Herald this past week where someone suggested I am talking about relationships. Of course! With ideas, individuals, and communities. Even when we talk about marketing, context matters. What is context if not relationship between an object or concept and its uses or meaning?

@ Rebecca - at first (you can go back to some of the original posts on my first blog) I thought blogging about blogging was pretty silly as well, but as Valeria points out, it's interesting to explore the different dynamics of the medium. And there are always more tools out there. To me it's important for people to be able to learn how to use them for a lot of different purposes - more than simply making money online which is what most "blogging" blogs tend to focus on.

Valeria - I love the relationships, style and substance spin on RSS! It's interesting to see the evolution of this medium. I think that's also why it's important for people to continue blogging about blogging in this way - because every day more and more people are signing up, and if people are going to evolve along with the medium in how they use it, there has to be a continual flow of other established bloggers being willing to cover just this type of post. This gets stumble filed under "required reading"!

@Toad - I like Tangerine Toad! You have a distinguishable point of view and a clear sense of where things stand in marketing, and in blogging. Thank you for adding to the conversation. It helps.

@Rebecca - I know, blogging about blogs, what a concept. Really what we are exploring are the dynamics of the medium more than the medium itself. And you have such a way with words, and photographs! Very expressive and personal, that's why people respond to you.

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