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Hi Valeria,

Journalism schools are not all on the same page when it comes to exposing their students to blogging, or even blog-style reporting. Some, like Syracuse U. have brought in guys like Vin Crosbie, while others have only brought in folks who blog (read: stringers) for the local paper. Some innovative professors, like Dan Kennedy at Northeastern and Ryan Thornberg at UNC will talk with their students about the changes in journalism--while others are teaching in a sort of business-as-usual way.

It varies from school to the attitude towards blogging in general varies from professor to professor.

However, many reporters have taken to blogging as a writing style and do it fairly well, as Mark Glaser of MediaShift writes here:

One of the places that already-employed journalists have trouble with is the community side of blogging. That's what Mike Arrington's referring to as the emotional. Rafat Ali and his crew are great blog journalists. Mike Arrington isn't always a great writer, but he's got strong opinions and is very involved with his community. I read them both for different reasons and like them both for different reasons. I don't see them as a threat to each other inasmuch as they might be a threat to larger tech and business focused publications, if those publications do not hire journalists who get the medium.

There is definitely some opportunity (and pressure) to fill a lot of publications with content. The dynamics are very different from print and probably more difficult and demanding for journalists and editors online. A recent NYT article gets into some detail on the pressure is on to deliver

I think that this is the way forward and that the 'pay by clicks' model is most favorable for bloggers.

We must not forget that it is all about the content here and that medium is secondary.

That said, print seems to be on the decline on both sides of the pond and as a result there is allot of journalistic talent to be tapped into for blogs.

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