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@Harry - It's the rare occasion when one is eager to make a customer service call these days, alas. Whoever cracks that code though can do really well.

@Sowmia - that was a demonstration of leadership on your part. Your employer should recognize that and hold on to you. People buy from people.

@JoAnna - what a great surname for someone who coaches on customer care. There is plenty of opportunity in so many areas beyond customer service, too. Moments of most change are the moments of greatest opportunity for those ready to roll up their sleeves and walk the talk.

Great points - and I so appreciate the ones Zoe added, and I'll add one more.
You're not crafting the culture in such away that delivering intangibles (yeah, the touchy feely stuff) to both customers and employees is a priority.

When service becomes strategic priority then these things change. As long as it does not get enough attention from the "top" - no matter what the size of the organization - it won't get the right amount of attention at the point of contact. In too many organizations it's more important to please the boss (or NOT make waves) than it is to please the customer. Too bad for those that feel that way. Really good for those who are smart enough to see the opportunity.

very nice,indeed to the point writeup,would like to add one more thing, --the ownership of responsibilities-- as though onw's own.
I remember a case of an banking account where because of a goof up by someother service rep(service charges),i had to face the music from the client. i personally beared the expense of reversal of the charges as the approval was not given,and i still get calls from that customer,plus he would never ever think of anyone else for banking business than my company..
Going beyong the limits also this differentiates 'you' from everyone else..

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