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Last night as I was clearing out my inbox, I facetiously made the Twitter post:

@h&r block - why are you emailing me? It's May. You are of no use to me now.

In the twitter verse, that's not even legitimate... it only caught @h as the response. But yet, not too long after that, I had a response back from HRBlock:

HRBlock @tvjames Info on tax rebates. Plus, it's what you do now...in 2008...that determines what you'll owe (or get back) come April. Good tips!

So, nice job catching my twit and providing a good response.

I get too much email, so I did unsubscribe, but I've used them for years for my taxes and this goes on to further cement in my mind that they are a quality company.

(And right about now the guy who said "Our logo should just be a bright green square." is probably telling the naysayers to eat his shorts.)

Valeria: I've been impressed with @ComcastCares/Frank's work, too! Frank responded to my Twitter question within 15 minutes, and he answered my follow-up e-mail even faster than that. His responses were genuine and with a human touch.

Here's my blog post about the experience: http://bryanperson.com/2008/04/28/comcastcares-is-listening-and-not-only-to-michael-arrington/

@Chris - it looks like Frank does have a team behind him, and his work is part of the company's customer service plan moving forward.

@Michael - you have your answer ;-) I also saw a few blog entries on their site as linked to from Frank.

@Frank - glad I was able to spot you on Twitter. I hope you can pace yourself and that the company continues to support your work, and the work of your team.

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