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@Chris - there isn't a day that goes by without a publication asking me to contribute to their site. It seems like the new business model is to get other people to create your content. I thought about this last night and will be posting today shortly.

@Derrick - greater exposure to more ideas = more opportunities. Fleshing out those still requires willingness to make the connection. I would probably not have met you, or Jens, who lives in Spain, Mike, or Chris, Luis, Je' or Jon had it not been for this blog and Twitter.

@Jon - granted. Rationally we know that. What about emotionally? Also, to me more choices = more opportunities, which can in turn lead to greater satisfaction. Competitive marketplaces, for example, are happier places for customers. And so are democratic places for citizens. With one caveat - more choices = more responsibility to figure out why we chose what we choose.

Love the post, just one quick word.

Happiness is a state of mind. Web 2.0 cannot make anyone happier. People can and should be happy because of who they are, despite any hardships and frustrations they endure in their lives. Many people will find this to be a frustrating endeavor, but those who I have met who have embraced this philosophy have a piece of mind and general happiness and contentment in life that technology cannot hope to create.

Web 2.0, and all technology and communications advancements enable people to live their lives in a different manner. I say different, because while pervasive connectivity may make life "easier", it hasn't made us happier (with the exception of the lonely and socially challenged who find great fulfillment in communication in the connected environment).

Personally, I enjoy web 2.0. It has been a pleasure getting to know the greater community, to share ideas, to learn, to experience the wonder that is mass personal and social communication. But I don't know that even the greatest communications tools can bring happiness. In today's busy world, it's often hard to find the time to think about the relationship between pleasure and happiness. But I personally have found, that this pursuit is one well worth exploring.

Great discussion going on. Here's my thoughts.

I think Web 2.0 doesn't necessarily bring about deeper relationships. But what it allows is a broader range of relationships. Without Web 2.0, for example, I would never have been able to connect with you. The value comes in that it breaks down practically all barriers for connecting with others.

Yes, the relationships may not be as deep or as "real" as offline ones. But to me, Web 2.0 tools are just starting points - from which real relationships can be built, and with people you wouldn't have known otherwise.

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