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Web 2.0 would be awesome if it actually worked. ;-)

I've said this before: It's a fool's game to create content for other entities. Unless, of course, you're just feeling charitable. That's the crux of Web 2.0 -- user-created content. And bright icons.

Pity. Not only is it an inequitable transaction, most "user created content" is total crap. Which is why the web is becoming a sewer, at least in some neighborhoods.

But not here. A thoughtful post and equally thoughtful commenters. Very nice, everyone. :-)

@Jens - these are wise words and they come to me at precisely the right time. Thank you again for making it look so effortless.

@Mike - Jens is one of my favorite thinkers, too. It is astonishing how one can have moments of exact clarity and see through the clouds. This conversation and the gift of your comments has been one such moment. I am not nearly as smart as all of us are, when we build on what we see and are - each other. Web 2.0 or anything that does not come from the ki, from deep inside your centered core, is a terrible master.

Valeria, this is the right question.

And you know you've got a hold of the right subject when you get Jens (one of my favorite thinkers) joining in!

I especially liked this observation:

"There's a lot great about new web tools. But unless we master them -- and not the other way around -- Web 2.0 will be remembered as just another fad. "

Web 2.0 is a great servant but a terrible master!

Which is true of technology in general.

Keep creating...the "social" in social media,

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