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Thanks for the interest in idiomag. @Chris - we are certainly trying hard to make a deep resource for music lovers.

Incidently - today we launched a widget version of the magazine across all social networks - you can get one here:

@Chris - I do like to hold a magazine and read it in between spaces. A few years ago I subscribed to both Print and Communication Arts - a joy to the senses. I do wonder if exact personalization will take away the serendipitous discovery of musicians and music I would not naturally gravitate towards. Perhaps a weighing to wisdom of crowds will help with cross-learning.

@Christopher - experimenting and trying new things goes very well with music, doesn't it? The best in my book are Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno. Perhaps we are trading quality for quantity? Soundtracks are so personal, too! Intimate recollections of special moments, when we felt a certain way. Yeah, now that you point it out, the name sounds weird.

I had a conversation with my partner the other day about the state of music magazines. He's very much into music, long time reader of NME and Q plus the little annual books that are published in Japan that do a years wrap up on music reviews. (Print is alive and well in Japan, in part because they are always experimenting with new forms.)

He was lamenting Spin and Rolling Stone -- which are increasingly trying to be "lifestyle" magazines. And I can see why -- it seems sexier, and the pay seems better. You can sell to fashion and liquor companies who pay a lot more money for pages than record labels do. But what's the cost? The quality of writing about the MUSIC has declined -- instead, it's become about covering "the scene." In his view, music is reduced to the soundtrack for a lifestyle. And so the music suffers, and the music magazine suffers.

Perhaps idiomag (which unfortunately sounds like a contraction between "idiot" and "magazine" -- will take the focus away from lifestyle and put it back on music).

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