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I like your approach!

I wonder if you had the same approach for digital publications you pay for. Would you pay for sections of them or the whole thing? Which part would you not pay for?

As the newly issued AP report states (blogged about it Sunday of last week), new media may figure out ways to chop information to deliver on entry points and then expand with conversation and depth.

There is another consideration - how do you know which part of the publication will provide value to you? Case in point, I often end up learning by reading a story that I might not have selected to receive content-wise. In a newspaper and magazine, I would come across it as I leaf through.

My online relationships with digital publications are more casual, but they are relationships nonetheless. Be it a national paper or a small niche blog, if I subscribe to the feed, it has my attention.

There is a difference in reading patterns when I buy a physical edition. Until recently, I would read through more articles, even if I wasn't too interested in the stories.

I put this down to having paid money for a physical product. Not consuming the whole thing felt like a waste of money.

But that's rubbish and I've trained myself away from this attitude. Since I already buy a paper for a specific reason, it justifies the cost of the item anyway. It already represents good value for money so I needn't feel bad if I skip what doesn't interest me.

This new approach (i.e. treat it as I would a digital publication), saves a great deal of time, which is obviously worth a lot more than money.

I would say that I now search for good value in what I am reading and consuming (be it digital or physical). If it can provide that value, I'm more likely to come back to hear what that person or group has to say, and I am more likely to make contact with them to at least thank them for their work.

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