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You have many readers, I know. I am smiling too as I read your lines about writing "how to" posts. I've written many at The Blog Herald - not as popular as those written by others, though.

Peter is a brilliant conversation partner. We met a long time ago luckily in person at a Fast Company community @ work summit. When we talk, I am challenged to revisit many assumptions.

I challenge the rigid return to science and measurement - it's a symptom of fear broadcast by those who need to justify their existence. Marketing communications are about connection, not measurement. There is a post on this soon.

Thank you for reading and for your support.

Every time I read one of the "how to" posts or articles on writing a blog, I just smile. From where I sit, most of those are written by people looking to get attention for themselves and are followed by people doing the same.

Similar to you (I think), I started writing my blog because of my passion for the industry I work in, a love of writing, and a natural desire to share everything I find, know, think and enjoy.

I've always done this in my career. Before my blog, I would put all of the things I write about in emails and send them out to my clients and agency. Now those things can be read by anyone who has interest in them. If nobody read them, that would be fine by me too. I didn't start writing to attract an audience and it's not what keeps me going. I won't lie, it wouldn't be quite as fun, but I'd still do it because it's just natural to me and has helped me become better at what I do.

My feelings regarding a blog, and most areas of social media actually, is that it/they should be an extension of yourself. Do them/use them how you want to - just be yourself. I think Peter's statement about the river is perfect. If you know where you're going/why your doing this, just do it. You'll find your way and that's the best way.

Anyway, I love what you share here and very much appreciate the "long" posts/articles. You're a very talented writer. Don't change a thing. Just be you. I think there's a good quote that applies here that goes somethign like, "Those that matter, don't mind and those that mind, don't matter."

There's another one that I like to recall when these things come up as well from one of my favorite movies, Little Miss Sunshine...


Keep doing what you're doing. I'm a huge fan.

Dear Valeria,

Watch a river long enough and you come to realise that its path is directed by what stands in the way of its flow.

Noticing this doesn't change the direction of the river - but it may help to keep the course of life true.

A pleasure as always.


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