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Here's the thing about superachievers: they are really into doing stuff they have not done before. Most companies hire "safe" candidates. Those who have done the same thing over and over. Of course, there is a place for experience in a specific field. I do think it is the lazy way of hiring, though.

My hiring is very conversational. You can find out a lot about a person by talking. And yes, I do see and find potential. Then again, I take the time. About general job descriptions: they leave you open to change the job... that's for another post ;-) Thank you for bringing forth an innovative idea!

Valeria - I must have been on your wavelength; I just posted about how NOT to find marketing talent through really lame job descriptions. Your post goes into far more (insightful) depth, and I thank you for taking the time to write about this.

It's amazing to me that for all of the companies touting innovation, progressive ideas, and thought leadership, we still find talent the same old, ineffective, stale way. We have to start learning how to detect and mine people's potential. We should start a movement - write our personal promos in terms of stuff we haven't done yet, but undoubtedly will. Maybe that would get someone's attention? :)

Super post.

@Rebecca - they are not. I think the shift needs to occur on how companies think about work. What do you think should change immediately in the current hiring process? Is there enough time to get to know a candidate, for example, and see if he fits in the team?

@Chris - I find more and more that I reach out to my virtual community and network on a regular basis with questions about work. My employer gains in the process, but yes, they consider what I bring to the table to be limited to the tasks and output without thought to how "connected" I am to where marketing is going. There is also the conversation around how I am deeply involved with taking marketing where it's going next. In your mind, who would value this knowledge? Who would reward/prize these kinds of connections? And to loop back on your discussions about branding (yeah, James forgets brand = what others think of you, too and credibility is part of your brand) are employers overlooking the worth of personal brands in favor of people who fall in line, etc?

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