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@Lewis - when pubic relations is just media relations, it is indeed ineffective. Thank you for sharing Spike's take. I remember when Fast Company was not just a magazine - it was a movement!

@Paul - There are only so many hours in a day, too. Growing up we played physical games with friends all the time. Tennis table (it's fun in groups), foosball (we had tournaments), cards, etc. Games are part of being social. With the digital environment, the scale and complexity of the games has been exploded.

@Connie - "campaign" was language borrowed from war, command and control situations. The reality is that a well executed communication is a continuum that spikes on different media in different forms for different audiences. We are making progress, even when it seems like tiny steps at the moment. I am encouraged by agencies that are starting to lead the way.

Thanks for the really succinct points, Valeria. I want to add that it's the human factor that makes the difference. It's no longer a 'campaign'.

And I presently have the good fortune to be working with one of the agencies that you listed. You are absolutely correct on 2 points - 1. their being in the background but very effective & 2. progress (more to come on that I'm sure).


Valeria, I must admit I'm part of the crowd that doesn't get into games. Maybe it's because I'm older, not sure. I do see their value though, as it pertains to engagement.

Regarding your post, once again, in a few short paragraphs you've taught some valuable lessons. Thanks!

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