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I have often referred to what you describe in emerging companies survival of the fastest. I like the expression survival of the busiest as well, but you can see how if you're busy doing all the "wrong" (as in non productive or conducive to forward movement) things, it does not help.

You just gave me an idea for a future conversation about OD. Glad to meet you, virtually.

I have worked with OD consultants in the past. I do wonder if you are now incorporating the dynamics of engagement thanks to the new tools - faster feedback, people talking about your business, etc. - in you work.

I think that the OD field and its focus on engagement, non-manipulative motivation and learning offers many of the design principles for business architecture and the design of knowledge-based / knowledge-dependent work in an interconnected environment.

Everything currently being taught in business schools is all out of date. We're inventing the future now. Don't blink -- you'll miss an entire phase.

Paula is very tuned into, sensitive to and insightful about all this stuff.

I'd like to add an opinion ... I think there are two parallel planes, of sorts, here. While much is out of date and much is moving fast, a large part of the business arena is carrying on (structurally and dynamically) as if not much has changed while another part (small, emerging, the "revolution just begun") is reinventing the rules one hyperlink, image and chat after the other.

As Paula said, lots of ground yet to cover.

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