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@Andrew - that photo looks so familiar! Now that you point it out, I remember seeing it a few weeks ago. Low hanging fruit, but then again, marketing and PR groups inside organizations are usually small, underfunded and overwhelmed with a thousand little things that matter none to customers, but a lot inside the walls.

@BJ - I like that! Love your community should be a mantra. Wait, for most corporation, like your customers might be enough. I write all my posts on weekends, when I have time to think, so usually there is a pattern from week to week. Listening + learning = good business. Thank you for the support.

This a good start for companies trying to figure out, "Where do I begin with all of these options for managing my reputation? And what tools should I be using?" The simplest place to start is your own blog for any small to medium-sized business looking for an easy infrastructure for just posting updates, new releases and service announcements.
In the field of listening, I just covered this 2 days ago with a post on Infusing Love Into Your Community - http://blog.suggestionbox.com/2008/06/27/love-your-community-and-theyll-love-you-back/

Dell is being proactive and that's a good model for other companies looking to build trust today with their customers. And one of the core reasons I'd like to think we're building a great "active listening platform" over at SuggestionBox.

Seems to be a trend of "listening" posts this week and if you're a company, listen to Valeria and figure out where to start with her great list above.


Very good points. I wrote just a few weeks ago (http://justanothercustomer.com/everybody-is-talking-who-is-listening/66/) about how surprising it is that more companies are not paying attention in the digital space - check out the photo ;).

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