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While I have been familiar with John Seely Browns thinking on social learning and open education for some time, I came across the following video interview with him only yesterday. Perhaps more interesting than the video itself - which will ring... [Read More]


"your company's sustainability depends on your ability to develop a constantly evergreen set of capabilities before anybody else does."

Perhaps - but when you boil it down - Your company's sustainability depends on having something of value which someone else will trade for something which is more valuable than that you traded (and the circle continues until you consistently less something less valuable in the trade).

Capability is simply another trade - the question then is what you trade for "evergreen capability".

Another (If I may)

"We live in an ever changing age, and we require continuous learning. But here's the thing, we do not learn so we can amass knowledge - we learn to do."

... but in between the learning and the doing is the revelation of what might be going on - the seeing of the world for first time through another lens and acting and doing differently for seeing the world differently.

"learn new things"


It means that you must be above anybody else in the internet. Be ahead and let other people follow your lead. But be sure that the road you are taking is good so that trust will be built between you and your company.

Thank you
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"your company's sustainability depends on your ability to develop a constantly evergreen set of capabilities before anybody else does"

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