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Hi Nathan,

My "argument" is, as you put it " we're people like you so bear with us".

We all know it but some how refuse to accept it (unless of course contrition is part of your brand).

But its more than this. We want to change corporations and convert them to a "purer" form with less sins of humanity - authentically superhuman ( perhaps consumers are reaching back to a religious tradition)

Whilst all the time the human failings of the consumer go largely unobeserved and unchecked.

This seems a strange basis for a conversation let alone a healty relationship.

@Peter- An interesting twist on authenticity for companies and consumers. As I understand, you're saying being truly authentic,in a human manner, means having a number of failings. But that customers actually want a company that isn't authentic, because they want the company to be perfect and deliver all the time, etc.

But I think there's a bit of an error in that, one that coincides with your question to begin with. A brand doesn't need to be authentically superhuman to be authentic.

I think authenticity leads to a brand's personality, it leads to a company that has a face. Having a personality and a face doesn't mean you're without error or that you have to be. Look at Apple. They've built a personality behind their brand, and they're not perfect. The launch of their 3G phone proves this. Do they get ridiculed for not being perfect? Sure. But its their personality that saves them from it.

If anything, I would argue that being authentic opens up the option for a company to be able to make more mistakes. It let's them say "we made a mistake and we're sorry, but we're people like you so bear with us."

Valeria et al,

Why should companies be remarkable? Why do we care if a company provides poor services, wastes money on poor strategy, loses employees or is unattractive.

Why must we convert companies to "our" brand of modern capitalism.

Why don't we care about unappreciative consumers and consumption.

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