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Hi Valeria,
Will you be at BlogHer? I am suspecting not or surely I would have seen you on the speaker list.

I also posted about Independence on July 4th.

@Terri - glad it provided inspiration. It has for me in one form or another since I found it in Ode magazine.

@Peter - do you know who wrote it? As in my original post, I list track of the author after Ode magazine changed its online format.

A link too far:

"We are all essentially displaced people, all of us are refugees, we came from somewhere—and we are hopefully traveling all the time (even if we never leave our rooms), moving toward a new place.

Freedom means I may not be identified as part of any one group, but that I can visit and find myself in every group.

Freedom does not mean I don't have values or beliefs. But it does mean I am not hardened around them. I do not use them as weapons.

Freedom means not being owned, not occupied, not bought.

Freedom means finding the place in me that connects with every person I meet rather than thinking of myself as different, better or on top.

Believing there is a power determining everything at the same moment I know there is absolutely no one in charge.

Freedom is not knowing where you are but being deeply there.

Not waiting for someone to save or rescue you or heal your terrible past but doing that for yourself.

Not putting your flag in the ground.

Being willing to get lost.

Living without borders and passports.



Freedom is about being vulnerable to one another, realizing that our ability to connect is more important than feeling secure, in control and alone."

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