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Dear Marc,

I've been reflecting on what makes something a micro interaction.

Reflecting on my experience, there are only interactions. Micro and macro go to how aware I am, how much I take notice of myself in that interaction or how present I was.

For me the special person is the one who just does this and may not be aware of the good they do. It's there being (and there is nothing to sustain).

Needing to be aware of the good you do/can do in the moment and finding energy to sustain it spks to something else. And reminds me of Pascal's cautionary tale about wandering about in times that do not belong to you. Sure if helps you to be a good person thats great - but to me (and there is no disrespect intended) it's as the Buddhists say "Fake it till you make it."

For me, it's noticing the differences between what I do and what I think and working out what it takes to line it up - That's my being.

But of course there are many paths to living a good life and being a good person.

A pleasure to chat.


@Peter and Valeria-But truly the person who realizes the effect they can have on others (in a positive way) and realizes the cause and effect of who they are and what they can impact on others is a special person. I know that that was not Randy's intent starting out, but it evolved into that.

Being in the moment and removing the bullshit from years and years of societal mores to connect with people is an amazing thing and some of us have that talent, moreso than others.

However, I loathe the people that purposely leverage their either learned or innate ability to get to the crux of a situation, manipulate people and situations and parlay it into a business model. I applaud their talent but I liken it to a bad guy from the movies who has taken their prodigous and freakish talent and used it for evil purposes.

My point is that I think that we as in those participating in this conversation, realize the importance of one on one interactions and conversations with weight and substance, and how we can affect things. I also think we all understand how little things can have quite an impact. Others do not.
But...I think we all are starting to value our conversations and the power and impact of our words more than we ever have. At least I have. The trick is to sustain it. The more we can weave it-being a more socially cognizent and moral person, the better off we are and the more of an influence we will have on others.

@Marc - there is indeed a lot more to our interactions with peers than meets the eye. Often we invest in something as we think it should be... I like what Peter contributed to your thoughts as well.

@Peter - being impulsive and generous has shaped me more than any carefully crafted thought about myself. And so has also my frustration with my own humanity ;-)

@Alli - thank you, relating is how we get to connecting. I read extensively on emotional intelligence and the work of Daniel Goleman and others. I admire people who have presence and poise. My thought on vulnerability is that it is probably one of the most difficult things to show. Thank you for adding to the conversation.

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